Web design mistakes

old styles

Web years are like dog years. Your three-year-old site may seem fresh to you, but chances are it could be in desperate need of bringing up to date.   I’m guilty of this myself, I’m re-writing this blog as I rebuild my own tired site (which was built in 2011).  I have been so busy building sites for other businesses that I have for some time been a bit embarrassed by my own.  It was only when a client recently told me he nearly didn’t call me because he hated my site, luckily he said the examples of my work was what convinced him to call me despite that.

not using a cms

WordPress, Joomla etc important because lack of ability to edit your site creates a disconnect, you won’t be able to keep your content up to date with your business. Your site shouldn’t be just an online brochure.

no about page

How can I trust you with my money if you appear to be hiding from me.

no clear message

You should be able to look at the home page of any site and figure out what the site is about in less than four seconds. If you can’t, the site is a failure.

no contact details

Go and sit in a corner right now and think about what you’ve done. If I could email you and tell you why this is such a bad thing to do, I would… But I can’t.

no search

Is there anything worse than going to an e-commerce website and you know what you are looking for and there is no search feature?   I don’t want to browse around all your categories to find what I am looking for….   If you don’t want any business maybe you don’t need a website at all … JM2CW !

spelling mistakes

Tisk … use spellcheck !

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