Get ready to shine!


Get Ready

Participation in your own project is a must. You will save money, (as it would take longer for me to figure it out without you), you will feel more in control of your site, you will learn a lot about how these things work and you will ultimately be happier with the result.

How you can make it quicker and cheaper

Do your homework
If you already have a logo, perhaps a basic website, comprehensive brochures etc, that makes my job much quicker.    It’s your business, so it would take me a lot longer than you to come up with the content, if you need my help with your brand it will cost more.

First impressions matter. It’s critical that the visitors to your website are presented with an attractive, positive design. If you are unfamiliar with website design conventions, try creating a list of your favorite Web sites along with what you like or do not like about each one.

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • keep your user in mind
  • keep things simple

My goal is to build you a website that achieves your online goals and gets results for your business.

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